Anti-Semitism in the Netherlands Buffoonery


It’s come to this. The situation in Amsterdam after 10 years of Mayorship by a Jewish mayor Job Cohen, who has always claimed that he is not interested in his Jewishness, has deteriorated so much that you get this type of proposal. Cohen left the Amsterdam Mayorship in March 2010 to become leader of the Labor party. On television he said he would lead the Netherlands the way he had led Amsterdam.
Geert Wilders reacted: “That is not a promise, that is a threat”.

Parliamentarian: Use Orthodox Jews as Bait to Catch Aggressors  (Bad News from the Netherlands)

Ahmed Marcouch, a new parliamentarian on behalf of Labor, has suggested using Orthodox Jews (probably policemen dressed up as an ultra-Orthodox Jew) to serve as bait to catch anti-Semitic aggressors. He says that this is necessary because Jews in certain parts of Amsterdam cannot wear a skullcap without risk. The Center for Information and Documentation on Israel (CIDI) considers it a valid idea. Its director, Ronnie Naftaniel, said that nowadays.

Source: Parool.NL

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  1. GREAT LINE CH-300M! In this case however, they'll be tossed in with only a rope tied around their waist. Muslim anti-Semitism is a phenomenon denied by both the Muslims themselves and their dhimmi enablers, and they could give a toss abotu teh Jews…period.

  2. the worst are leftie Jews, they have Joop Cohen the Ex-Mayor Dhimmi who encouraged mass immigration of Turcs and Moroccs to Holland.

    One can only vomit

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