Mayor Matti Muukkonen: Oh sharia is fine,
as long as I don’t have to live under it
Writing on his blog at Uusi Suomi, Matti Muukkonen, son of pastor and researcher, Martti Muukonen, (whose research projects involve exciting studies such as “Religious Roots of European Welfare Models” and “Bible and Classics as General Social Movement Literature”) makes a strong pitch for the introduction of Polycentric legal system in Finland, a radical Libertarian legal construct concocted by Tony W.Bell, a professor of law a the Chapman University School of Law in California.

Matti Muukkonen, “conservative” Mayor of Kyyjärvi: “The Polycentric legal system  means for example, the partial adoptation of sharia law. This shouldn’t be feared because its application is exposed only to those who are already in fact applying it now. By recognizing the legal standards prevailing in society and through their open application to open, allows the managing of problems in a multicultural society. At the end of the day, every individual – Finns and foreigners- should have retained the right to decide their own matters. Society should place limits only on collaboration.

The man shows himself to be seriously ignorant of Islam in general and sharia in particular. Once again it’s wise to hear the words of Sam Solomon, the opastate scholar of Islam and sharia, concerning the importance of the mosque, and towards the end, the full meaning behind Islam:

While the Tundra Tabloids agrees with many Libertarian principles, polycentric law, especially where Islam is concerned, is a major recipe for disaster. Muukkonen is under the illusion that “though sharia is not an entirely just system, it can however be managed and contained. 
He’s opening up a pandora box that’s better left closed and buried under 100 tons of hardened concrete. Sharia is not a just system and every Finnish citizen deserves equal protection under the law, not just ethnic Finns. The big dope.  KGS

H/T: Vasarahammer

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