The  fake humanitarian hypocrites of Norway
are at it again
It’s a fact that civilians are being killed by NATO forces operating in Afghanistan on a regular basis. And though both NATO and Israel take great care in limiting their strikes to enemy forces they are operating against, yet, civilians do in fact get hit.
It’s the unwanted result coming from a field of war with an enemy that uses its local civilian population centers as convenient shields of cover. These military operations however, are covered and sanctioned by the Geneva conventions, regardless of the unwanted civilian casualties.
So it’s highly amusing, as it is hypocritical, of the University of Oslo to be considering whether or not a boycott the state of Israel -due to the recent “Flotilla of the Huns” incident- while Norway, as a staunch member of NATO, has its own soldiers operating inside Afghanistan. 
Nope, these fake Norwegian humanitarians who are now busy sharpening their knives never stopped to ponder the glaring hypocricy of that, now did they? Like a drunk looking for his car keys by a lampost, the Norwegians once again take aim at the Jewish state, though not a sound echoed through any of their fjords over the N.Koreans’ brutal, premeditated murder of over 40 S.Korean sailors.
Just imagine the commotion that would ensue in the Norwegian capital if it had been an Israeli sub sinking an Iranian ship trying to run the weapons blockade of Gaza? One could almost imagine calls for Norwegians to become shaheeds to avenge the Iranians, ringing through the market places places where salted herring is sold. KGS

Norway Israel and the Jews blog:

NRK reports that last year alone, combat in Afghanistan killed 1000 children. Such are the tactics of the Taliban and Hamas. Yet the lobby has generated much anger against Israel for the killing of nine martyrdom-seeking activists on a blockade busting ship, and that fury is bringing the boycott debate into the halls of the University of Oslo.
Unauthorized translation from Uniforum:
It is Linné Eriksen who has suggested a regulation which goes “The University of Oslo goes to an academic boycott of Israel”. This has as its consequence that constituent parts of UIO do not engage in academic or cultural cooperation with research and higher education institutions in Israel.
But initially it was NTL-UIO which spoke in favor of a boycott:
– Israeli academia supplies essential contributions to the occupational policy through the development of weapons systems, studies and planning which contributes to enforce the occupation and in the presentation of occupational history, stated leader Sten Morten Henningsmoen in a press release on June 2nd.
As NTL’s suggestion was not voted through, NTL member Linné Eriksen has used her right as a member of the board to further the case.
– This case would arise here at UIO in time anyway. The recent events still make this especially timely now.
– But an academic boycott has also been discussed at UIO earlier, among other in Uniforum in Jaunary 2009, she points out.

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