[Few symbols of Belgian unity remain, other than the royal family, the cartoon character Tintin (TT: A Nazi) and Brussels itself. There is a national soccer team, but it did not qualify for the World Cup.]

This is an excellent development, the Flems have voted overwhelmingly to take back control over their own lives and destiny. This may very well spell doom to the fake Belgian state, as well as placing the tip of the stake above the very heart of the European Union itself, the most undemocratic and corrupt political entity the west has ever devised. Good riddance, let the stake be hammered in tight. KGS
New York Slimes: BRUSSELS — The move to break up Belgium gathered pace on Sunday as a separatist won an emphatic election victory in Flanders, the more prosperous Dutch-speaking region of the divided nation.
A stunning electoral success for Bart de Wever’s Flemish nationalist party, which won the most parliamentary seats, is a significant new challenge to the fragile unity of a federal country where tensions between French and Dutch speakers run deep, and where voters in one region cannot vote for parties in the other.
It has also injected a new element of uncertainty into Europe at an especially difficult time for the European Union, struggling with serious problems over its finances and currency.
Belgium is due to assume the rotating presidency of the European Union in less than three weeks. But it is likely to take months to negotiate a new coalition, raising the prospect that Belgium will be struggling to assemble its own government at precisely the time it is supposed to be steering Europe out of a deep crisis.

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