Anti-Israel Protests Finland Leftist Apologizers for Islam


A pathetic group of leftist loons and moronic mohammedan maroons assembled yesterday to show their support for the genocidal Hamas and other anti-Semites, and hardly anyone bothered to show up or to watch.
The “muslima” on the right holds a sign from the Finnish Communist, which shouldn’t surprise anyone, any more, since the convergence of the Left with the Muslims has been well documented.
Both groups of these utopians have no problem juggling the cognitive dissonance that goes on in their mushy brains from their alliance, since being anti-Capitalist, anti-West and anti-Israel and anti-Jew is the glue that binds and holds these two sides togther.
Hitler’s Socialist Dreams: Adolf Hitler during a party speech in Munich, August 1920, “How, as a socialist, can you not be an anti-Semite?

 Helsingin Sanomat: Weak demonstration against Israeli

A demonstration against the Israeli blockade of Gaza, was conducted in front of the Kiasma museum in Helsinki on Friday.
Slightly more than one hundred demonstrators in Helsinki on Friday demanded from the State of Finland, concrete deeds to put pressure on Israel. It started from the Gallery Kiasma and finished at the Israeli Embassy, the protest went peacefully, police said.
The demonstration, organized by the Arab Peoples Friendship Society, the Palestinian Diaspora society and the Left Youth Association.
Last week Tuesday, Israel’s action against the aid ship attempting to reach Gaza was objected to by nearly 900 people in Helsinki.

H/T: Kumitonttu

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  1. Marshall Mannerheim looking down on the rabble indulging themselves in some kind of nutty protest.

    The great man would turn in his grave if he were alive to see this sorry spectacle.

  2. Raymond, if Mannerheim were alive, he would be making sure no stone was left unturned in investigating every person who was supporting these marxist / islamonazis.

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