Islam in Norway Mullah Krekar


Lesson: If you dough headed lefties let these types in, you will be sucked dry financially and then threathened if you don’t keep up with their upkeep. The dough headed far leftist Nor-Vegan government should send this guy packing after they send him to prison for ten years with hard labor, …but they won’t. KGS

From the Norway, Israel and the Jews blog: “Aftenposten reports that Mulla Krekar, the leader of an alleged Al-Qaida affiliated organization, threatens to have killed any person who evicts him to a country where his life may be at stake. In other words, it is ok for Mulla Krekar to preach jihad ,from the safety of Norway, with impunity. It is ok for Mulla Krekar to threaten with death. But for his enemies to kill Mulla Krekar… oh, no, that does not suit his fancy at all.”

Esther from Islam in Europe blog has even more: “Norway: ‘My death will cost Norwegian society’ Yesterday Mullah Krekar held a press conference, for the foreign press in Norway. He didn’t want to speak to the Norwegian press, whom he says are his enemies, and slipped out of the room before they could catch him outside. During the press conference he threatened anybody who might be responsible for his death.”
Read more from Esther’s here.

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