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A jihadist group challenges Hamas’ supposed Western style approach, (yeah you read that right) by clamping down on a music group, something that the Tundra Tabloids, by the way, reported that the Hamas has done as well. These jihadis aren’t wrapped to tight are they? What’s in question is one Islamic supremacist jihadi group challenging the power structure of the other, just like organized crime occasionally does with others in the crime business, looking for weak spots.
So don’t be fooled by the headline to the article, this has nothing to do with Hamas (LOL) becoming too Western, and everything to do with gang style violence that’s probing for weak spots while sending a warning. These Jihadi Islamic supremacist groups like, Hamas and Hezbollah, should be understood as being gangs, not unlike Al-Capone and other mobsters throughout history that both intimidated, murdered while handing out “social services”.
It’s only the idiots in the international media, think tank wonks and doughy headed politicians who listen to the other two, that believe these Islamic terrorist gangs have redeeming value. It would be hard to imagine a public and/or political figure in the US promoting the Bloods and the Crips as being the same. KGS

Jihadists challenge Hamas western approach

GAZA (al-Reuters)
Bandleader Jamal Al-Bayouk said he and his musicians would not risk performing in the southern Gaza Strip any more after extremists threatened to kill them at a wedding party.
They had just finished performing east of Khan Younis when armed militants burst in, set fire to $40,000 worth of instruments and fired shots between the legs of band members.
“Shoot at the legs”
“One gunman told another: Don’t shoot between the legs. Shoot at the legs!” Bayouk told Reuters.
“Another told me: Prepare for death, you immoral infidel,” the 49-year-old man said, at the Gaza shop where he fixes musical instruments and rents sound systems.
He said several other singers and members of bands had been beaten up by Qaeda style jihadists who disapprove of their music and added that in his opinion there could be further attacks as summer begins and people hold weddings and parties.
“I am afraid and I am not optimistic but I will continue because there are 20 families depending on my profession,” Bayouk said.
The threat comes from Salafi jihadists whose agenda of global holy war against the West is against the nationalist goals of Gaza’s rulers Hamas, an Islamist movement which denies seeking to create a theocracy in the enclave.
While seen in Israel as a dangerously fundamentalist Palestinian enemy force, Hamas is not Islamist enough in the eyes of hardline groups which have stepped up attacks in the Gaza Strip over the past several months, targeting Hamas security men and offices.
Hamas accuses them of attacking wedding parties, Christian sites, internet cafes and women’s hair dressing salons. The groups deny the accusations.

H/T: The Sheik

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