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The only way immigration enhances the modern state is for professionals to seek work, not illiterate low wage earners that mainly end up on the welfare dole. In the Netherlands alone, more than 7 billion Euros a year goes to paying for multiculturalism, no state, especially one that insists on being a welfare state can function for very long. Europe is broke, and mass immigration of Muslims is not going to solve it, but tip it over the breaking point. KGS

Poll: Majority of Finns Opposed to More Immigrants

Nearly two thirds of Finns say Finland should not encourage more foreigners to move here, according to a YLE survey. Supporters of the True Finns Party were the most opposed to more immigrants. However, Centre Party and Social Democratic supporters were not far behind.

According to the survey, 63 percent of respondents said Finland should not try to entice foreigners to live here. A whopping 82 percent of True Finns backers were of the same opinion. For Centre Party supporters the number was 70 percent, while 68 percent of Social Democratic backers felt the same way.

Supporters of the Green League were the most receptive to more immigrants. A total of 65 percent of Green respondents said that Finland should work to attract foreigners here.

Meanwhile, 45 percent of backers of the conservative National Coalition Party said they supported more immigration while 53 percent were opposed.

One third of respondents said that immigration would play a significant or very significant role in their voting decisions in the next elections.

A total of 2,399 people responded to the survey carried out by pollster Taloustutkimus.

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