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Assad: They offered us everything we wanted
but I still managed to reject them nonetheless
The dentist is of course lying through his pointed little teeth, he didn’t get any such deal from Israeli president, Shimon Peres. On the contrary, he stated that Israeli wouldn’t allow for it to be two timed by the Syrians, who are demanding all of the Golan back in exchange for peace, while the stacking the mountain side with missiles. KGS
J’lem Post: The president’s office issued a clarification following the publication of the interview, confirming that Peres had indeed sent a message to Assad through Medvedev, but that he had not offered to hand over control of the Golan Heights.
According to the clarification, Peres stressed in his message to his Syrian counterpart that “Israel does not plan to attack Syria, nor does it intend to cause an escalation [of tensions] in the North.”
His message further stated that Israel was interested in peace and “prepared to immediately engage in peace talks with the Syrians.” He added, however, that Jerusalem would “not allow Syria to continue to two-time Israel by demanding a withdrawal from the Golan Heights on the one hand while setting up Iranian missiles on the mountains of the North.”
Peres further stated that Israel would not “enter into peace talks while being threatened,” urging Damascus to cease its support of Hamas and Hizbullah’s terrorist activity.

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  1. There is no bargaining with the Arab world, the only thing they will be satisfied with is the total elimination of Israel and its population.

  2. I agree, the only thing left to do is allow only limited interaction with ME regimes save Israel. Forget peace deals, they're like ice in the desert sun.

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