Anti-US Racial Issues


A big dose of wake-up for the “progressives” who think their pandering to some, but not all, black african Americans will reap them rewards of gratitude and good will. Their socialist experiments with minorities over the past 50 years has devestated their communities, leaving them ever more dependent on government subsidies while incolcating a victim mentality. They have created a bigger problem than the one they were trying to solve.
Making everything into a racial issue is a tell tale sign of this victim mentality, which is leading many down the path to civil unrest, which will be blamed on …..racism. It’s a circular agrument that’s based upon pretzel headed logic that the “progressives” have been nurturing for many decades.
The US has spent trillions on the “racial equality” and welfare subsidies, and have little to show for it. Most African Americans who have lifted themselves out of poverty, or better yet, financial difficulties, have done so the old fashioned American way, from hard work, nose to the grind stone and self respect. That’s how all ethnic groups have done it since America became a nation.
The whining radical in this video would never admit that Blacks in America fare far better than the average African, nor that American blood was shed to remove the stain of slavery while the Islamic slave trade has yet to be acknowledged, let alone apologized for. That the American Indians were stealing each others lands since they entered the area and that the US offers the best possible chance for success…if the Leftists leave it to hell alone.

H/T Fjordman

Man Makes White Woman Cry in White Privilege Boot Camp

Watch this poor excuse of a human being, rant and cry victim, make sure a puke bucket is near by.

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