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Tickets to Finland and to its welfare state selling for only $10 000!
You can place this story with the previous one below, just what makes Finland the more attractive destination for the refugee shopper? The answer is other states are tightening their laws, while Astrid Thors is trying to maintain a looser reading of the guidelines. The end result is a flood of would be refugees seekers who have enough cash on hand (from selling opium and from the stealing of aid money?)
These people know that Afghanistan is going down the crapper, and they’re heading out, if they can, before the Taliban take over the country. But that doesn’t mean the West is responsible to let them all in if they happen to wander in the front door. The best thing is to set up camps in states that border the region, and to start using aid money wisely, which means ending much of it going to the terrorist stronghold of Hamastan and send it elsewhere, like to Afghan refugees for an example.
Also, the West should start demanding from the Muslim oil producing states an increase in their sharing of the burden for the upkeep of their fellow religionists. Instead of funding the building of mosques and spreading their ideology in the West, their money should be redirected to the refugee camps full of Muslims, and take over their upkeep. KGS

Police Investigate Smuggling of Afghanis

Police are investigating the activities of an organized group that has illegally brought dozens of Afghanis into the country. The daily Helsingin Sanomat reported on Monday that the Helsinki District Court has remanded four Latvian citizens into custody in connection with the investigation.
Finnish police have been working several cases of organized illegal entry. In March five Estonian men were convicted of illegally smuggling Afghanis into the country.
According to Inspector Marjut Kronlund of the Helsinki Police, the Latvians now in custody seem to have had a bigger role in the criminal organization than the Estonians already convicted. In an interview with Helsingin Sanomat, she declined to speculate on a precise number of people that have been brought in my the gang. The number is, however, thought to be in the dozens.
Apparently the route used by the smugglers has run through Belarus and the Baltic countries. The final leg of the journey has involved smuggling the Afghanis by boat from Estonia to Helsinki where they have then filed for asylum.
According to police, the price paid to the smugglers for the trip from Afghanistan to Finland has been $10,000 per person.
Police Inspector Marjut Kronlund believes that the top-level operators in the gang are still at large. The same group is likely to have also smuggled Afghanis into other countries. Police in Estonia and Latvia are investigating similar cases.
Last year 461 Afghanis applied for asylum in Finland. One year earlier, that number was 254, and in 2007 it was less than 100.

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  1. These numbers are negligible in comparison with the tide of Afghan and Iraqi "asylum seekers"(code name for illegal immigrants) who arrive by boat every week in Australia.

    Since the Rudd Labour Government was elected two years ago we have had at least one boat averaging about 50 illegal immigrants arriving in Australia every week.

    The Rudd government is losing its appeal fast – it is likely to be a one term wonder.

    As for Finland, lock up the Estonian and Latvian criminals for a few years each and then kick them out of the country.

  2. Hi Raymond, you're of course correct in pointing that out. We here in Finland are nonetheless vigilant in ensuring the same doesn't happen to us.

    I can only hope for the average Aussie to snap out of it and vote according to which party is serious about safeguarding its borders.

    The same can be said of the Yanks, who are now witnessing an open attack on its sovereignty.


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