Parliament has doubts as to whether Minister of Immigration and Europe, Astrid Thors, and her department has a full grasp of the situation. Enquiring about whether Finland is going above and beyond the call of duty concerning acceptance of asylum seekers and in paying benefits, in comparison to the rest of the member EU states, is seen as a smack down by Astrid Thors. As a matter of fact, she’s spitting mad about it. KGS
NOTE: The Baron was busy this morning digging around the bowels of the Finnish internet and plucked this story before the Tundra Tabloids had managed to grab it for itself, so the hat tip goes to the GOV, a real early bird. 🙂
The Finnish Parliament is asking the government for a broad clarification of matters related to family unification. The Parliament’s Administrative Committee is interested in how Finnish rules and benefits compare with those in other European Union countries and Nordic Countries.
The committee also wants to know if there is something about the Finnish rules which would make Finland a particularly attractive country for asylum seekers.
The request is seen as a jab at Minister of Migration Astrid Thors (Swed. People’s Party). On the administrative committee, there was dissatisfaction with the fact that proposed amendments to legislation affecting foreigners in Finland had been brought to Parliament one at a time.
Members of the committee have also complained that debate over immigration involves confused concepts and conflicting information.
The request for clarification angered Thors. “The ministry is not a research institute. We do not have these kinds of resources. if someone wants  something like this, it can be ordered from elsewhere”, Thors says.
The request for information is linked with a bill being debated in Parliament on determining the age of asylum seekers, and rules concerning family unification. The proposal is to come before the full Parliament soon.

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