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The Tundra Tabloids had the great privilege a few years back to get a copy of George Watson’s seminal work on the foundational texts of Marxist socialism. It’s a stinging exposé of the written historical record of Marxist thought, the theoretical interpretation and understanding of Marxist societal engineering by his peers and disciples, and how it became a pivotal factor in National Socialist thinking and the basis for the Nazi German state.
To quote Joseph Goebbels, “The difference between communism and the Hitler faith was very slight, a faction war opened with whizzing beer glasses.”

The Tundra Tabloids has written extensively on the connection between the two quasi-secular/religious faiths of Marxist Communism and German National Socialism, as well as Italian Fascism, and the need to understand them all as being a product of the Left. The idea behind mass genocide of certain “trash” groups was Marxist in origin, only to be borrowed later on by the German National Socialists who changed the target groups from certain classes of people, to that of certain ethnic and racial groups, namely the Jews.        
The Soviet forced starvation of Ukrainians in 1932-3
This two hr. documentary “The Soviet Story” strips away the shield of “valient protector of the oppressed” from the Soviet Union and its leaders, showing them to be nothing more than vicious, brutal oppressors of the same calibor of the Nazis, it’s just by a twist of fate that they became to be known as “liberators” and not the evil thugs they were. The “Soviet Story” shows the Russian Marxist regime in its true light, with many of its chief officials who were responsible for crimes against humanity, still walking around free to this day convinced that they were correct in carrying out their murderous roles.
Dead Ukrainians
There are still many (Leftists) who want to believe that the Soviets and the National Socialists belong on different sides of the political divide, but that’s only a myth, a myth that’s been reinforced by the way, by those who refuse to take responsibility for the role their ideology has played (socialism) in the collective, whole sale slaughter of mankind that the world has ever seen.
Did Stalin’s Soviet military forces end the German National Socialist’s genocide of the Jews, yes, but only because Germany attacked a widely preceived weakend Moscow, that was still licking its wounds from the military disaster in its war with Finland, which handed the Soviets one defeat after another during the Winter War in 1939-40.
It’s very logical to imagine that the Russian could have cared less that the Germans were emptying Jews from Europe if it hadn’t been attacked by Hitler and allowed to carry out its agenda to divide Europe up with the German National Socialists. They did so anyways with the Allied Powers in post-war Europe. The Tundra Tabloids will be including in this post later today, a joint Vlad Tepes and Tundra Tabloids production, trailer film of this highly reccomended documentary. So stay tuned. KGS
The Soviet Swastika

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  1. Enlightenment is the mother of political antisemitism, communism, Nazism, social Darwinism and modern destruction industry.

    Its victims during 20th century are more than 250 million.
    Which makes it even worse than Islam.

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