Mullah Omar:
 I typically enjoy the fragrance of
camel sweat mixed with donkey dung

The Pakistani ISI has this filth under their own protection, planning to use him as a bargaining chip once “reconciliation talks” begin under the auspices of the president of Afghanistan, Ahmed Karzai. The Afghani president is hot to do these talks because he doesn’t want to end up like Najibullah hanging from a rope after being brutally beaten senseless.
Like it or not Karzai, here we come!
So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that both Karzai and the Obama run administration are willing to close a blind eye to the return of the Taliban, or the re-legitimizing of it in the international arena if they just contend themselves to the subjugation of the locals under sharia law and leave everyone outside their borders well enough alone. That’s the deal being cooked up right now, legalized brutality and terror at home if they forgo the international jihad’s brutality and terror elsewhere.
This is going to be the legacy of the West’s fight in Afghanistan, spending an enormous amount of wealth and man power to beat back the Taliban horde, but in the end, allowing them back in again under the premise that they’ll play nice from now on. It will one day sour on them all, because the jihadis will indeed work with other jihadis, however carefull they may be in order not to raise any red flags, but they’ll be at it once again before long. KGS
Oliver North: Washington, DC – The two presidents – Karzai and Obama – were on stage together in the East Room of the White House for forty minutes on May 12. They each talked about how they had differed in the past and how committed they are to going forward together. Both leaders expressed great hope in their mutual “quest for peace” and the forthcoming “Peace Jirga” or “reconciliation talks” to be held in Kabul at the end of this month. Neither leader – nor any of the journalists present – mentioned a “cease fire” or the unseen skunk at their picnic: Taliban leader, Mullah Omar.

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