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GB’S day of judgement draweth nigh…….

Statists always have something in common with other statists, the lust for control and power over the individuals life. In that, Islam and the Left have alot in common. KGS

H/T: Henrik

Labour has common bond with Muslims, Brown tells The Muslim News

Prime Minister Gordon Brown is seeking to reach out to voters, including Muslims in key marginal constituencies, to support Labour as the party to aid economic recovery while pledging to create job and training opportunities for every young person under twenty-five.
“We have a common bond with all those in the Muslim community who are trying to make sure we have fairness and justice throughout the world.
“I think people know that we are the party that has done more to tackle poverty in the poorest countries of the world and done more to support organization like Muslim Aid that are trying to help the poorest countries,” he said in an exclusive interview with Editor of The Muslim News, Ahmed J Versi on Sunday May 2.
The Prime Minister defended the much criticised counter terrorism Prevent Violent Extremism programme which has impacted negatively on the young Muslims. “No young person who is a law-abiding citizen should have anything to worry about Prevent. We are trying to build links between all the different communities. We are putting a huge amount of resources into building interfaith links and to build links between different schools and communities and between young people in the different faith groups and their communities,” he said.

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