This is the hallmark of Islam, societal approval of vigilantism in the streets to instill a sense of intimidation and fear in the people. Yes this guy was a murderous thug and deserved to be prosecuted under the law, and face the punishment handed out to the perpertrator of such a heinous crime. That said, the man shouldn’t have been lynched in the street by a mob, especially when there were law enforcement officers escorting the man. KGS

Angry mob of Lebanese villagers lynch murder suspect in town centre in gruesome vigilante attack

A mob of angry Lebanese villagers stabbed to death an Egyptian man and then lynched his naked body in the centre of town over allegations he killed four members of a local family.
Mohammed Msallem, a 38-year-old Egyptian who worked as a butcher in Ketermaya, had been arrested a day earlier on suspicion of shooting to death an elderly couple and their two young granddaughters, aged seven and nine.
He was leading police investigators through a re-enactment of the killings when dozens of residents attacked him with sticks and knives, security officials said.
Police rushed Msallem to the intensive care unit of a nearby hospital, but residents broke in, dragged him out and pounded him with sticks.
Asecurity official said police at the scene could not stop the attackers, who blocked streets in the village to prevent police reinforcements from reaching the scene.
After killing Msallem, the attackers stripped his bloody body down to the victim’s underwear and drove it through town on a car hood, with several local men standing on the hood cheering.
They then hanged the body from a pole in the centre of town as hundreds of residents cried ‘Allahu Akbar,’ or God is great. Some villagers even took photos of the dead man with their mobile phones.

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