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Nearby, a Russian-speaking model dressed in a sky-blue version of the same outfit whispered to a friend, “I look like a clown.”

Turkey’s going to hell in an Islamic handbasket. The Russian model got it right, looking like a clown is Islam’s response to the Western bikini.


Muslim swimsuits bare little on Turkish catwalks

Hair driers blast air and racks of clothing clatter past as organizers make their final preparations for a fashion show.
Some of the backstage bustle is downright comical. Short Turkish women, carefully wrapped up in trench-coats and brightly-colored Muslim headscarves, struggle to help towering, leggy models from Slavic and Latin countries change in and out of outfits.
This is not your typical fashion show. The show is highlighting Islamic women’s clothing — even though very few of the models working here are Muslim.
“Listen, I’m coming from Venezuela [where] we are always walking in shorts, t-shirts, flip-flops. Not afraid to show it. But here it’s totally different,” said Cristina Buderacky, a model who stood more then six feet tall in a peach-colored lycra outfit that resembled a pair of long-sleeved pyjamas with blousy trousers.
She later made a half-serious plea for help as a Turkish woman slipped a two-piece “bonnet” over her head. The headpiece tightly covered Buderacky’s hair, leaving only her neck and face exposed.
Nearby, a Russian-speaking model dressed in a sky-blue version of the same outfit whispered to a friend, “I look like a clown.”

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  1. No your a joke! If you think covering yourself is a joke and being skimpy and foolish is acceptable then I’m sorry to inform you, you have no sense of morals, and values.

    1. I believe Islam is not a joke at all, however I do think that certain Islamic laws or common cultural practices are excessive. One such example is the topic above; the covering of women hiding most of the normally visible skin. I think that short shorts, a t-shirt/tank-top, and flip flops are perfectly acceptable items of clothing for women to wear on a spring or summer day in public(school, on the street, in a store); anything less though would definitely be skimpy. However if the individual is tanning, or walking around in certain public places like parks, boardwalks, pools, and the beach, in less than what was priorly mentioned would be acceptable based on the circumstances and as long as theres at least a bikini top and bottom. And to Arius, you could’ve left the second part to that out.. it really wasn’t needed.

      1. I believe that Islam is no laughing matter as well, because of all the destruction it does to humanity. As an ideology, it surely is a joke.

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