Romanian beggars in Finland


The bill for these beggars should be sent to the government of Romania, it’s their own policies that create these economic refugees, it should be their government who supports their welfare, not Finnish society. KGS

Beggars of Romani decent from Rumania have begun seeking asylum in Finland. Over 50 applications for asylum have been submitted to police at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Some of those seeking asylum are actively engaged in begging on the streets. The Rumanians cannot, however, be granted asylum as they are EU citizens.
They have the right to social benefits for as long as the applications are processed. During this period they can reside in a reception centre and are entitled to receive social benefits to the tune of 292 euros per month if they procure food themselves or to 87 euros monthly if they consume food provided by the centre. In April, the number of asylum applications submitted by Rumanians was equal to their total number last year.

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