Israeli/Palestinian Conflict Recep Tayyip Erdoğan


This is the real reason for “The Muslim’s” angst over the lack of a “symphonic voice” coming from Netanyahu’s government. Erdogan wants to draw attention away from the Arabs/Muslims desired extinction of the Jewish state and focus on Israel’s defence strategy that defends itself from that scenario. That’s the sole reason, not any supposed lack on the part of Israel in wanting true peace with the Arabs. KGS

“The Turkish PM reiterated his opinion that Israel should sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty.I have raised this issue several times, and I am talking about it today, and I will talk about it tomorrow. If we are going to employ a policy of justice in order to achieve peace, we must talk about these matters and every country must handle this issue in a fair manner. Iran cannot be the only country on the agenda, just like Israel cannot be the only country on the agenda.”

NOTE: You want symphony, Erdogan, you moron? Here: The Israel Philharmonic, Zubin Mehta

Now shut up. KGS

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