Anti-Islamization UK


Special thanks to Kari from Finnish Lapland for this video that comes by way of Multikultur blog. This sums up the justified anger of many English and British citizens who finds themselves disenfranchised by the policies of the political (so called) elite, who embark on social policies without ever enquiring from the electorate (or ignoring them when they do) if completely changing the dynamic of their society is a such a grand idea?
Utter contempt for the electorate, whether it’s in Washington or in London town, or in other capitals of the free world, is something that the politicians have consistently shown themselves more than willing to do, through their destructive polices of mass immigration of Muslims into Europe, (as well as signing away their state’s sovereignty to Brussels) and the US’s turning a blind eye to illegal immigration. The people have had enough, and will no longer be cow towed by being smeared as being “racist” for saying so. Enough is enough. KGS

Quote:They never asked us and they never will”

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  1. Marc Warren in NCS Manhunt (TV series) – as Laurence Bright (2002)

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