Israeli PM Netanyahu: Just what don’t you get?

Much of the world is silent because much of the world is either is grossly naive about Iranian intentions, or they could care less if Iran uses it’s nukes against the Israelis. It’s either or, or both. KGS

PM slams world silence on Iran

Netanyahu warns Iran’s genocidal intentions reminiscent of holocaust.
Marking the start of Holocaust Martyrs and Heroes Remembrance Day before a crowd of hundreds that gathered in the Warsaw Ghetto Square at Yad Vashem on Sunday night, Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu chided the international community for its relative silence in the face of Iranian threats to destroy the Jewish State and the Islamic regime’s ongoing race towards nuclear weapons.
We are witness today to the new, old fire of hatred,” Netanyahu said from the podium. “Hatred of Jews inflamed by organizations and regimes of Islamic extremists – most of all Iran and its satellites.”
“Iran’s leaders are rushing to develop nuclear weapons as they freely announce their desire to destroy Israel,” he continued. “But in the face of these calls to erase the Jewish State from the face of the earth time and time again, we see at best mild protests, and these too seem to be fading.”

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