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Hidyat Amin: It’s got to be the softness
of their fur and eyes that gets me

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A MIDLAND asylum seeker, once jailed for having sex with a sheep, has been sent back to prison for breaching the Sex Offenders’ Register.
Hidyat Amin, 34, of Alum Rock, Birmingham. Birmingham, was placed on the register for seven years in 2006 after being found guilty of romping with the animal in a farm shed.
The Kurd was jailed for six months for that offence which took place at a farm in East Yorkshire.
Amin reportedly had feared he would be deported upon his release. However, he was allowed to stay in the UK and after being freed he moved to Birmingham.
The charges related to an alleged incident said to have taken place outside his former partner’s house in Birmingham. He was cleared of both those offences after the prosecution offered no evidence.
But Amin was cnvicted of a separate offence of failing to comply with the conditions of the Sex Offences’ Register. Thursday’s hearing was told the Kurd had failed to notify police in advance that he planned to visit Southampton in October 2009. The strict conditions of his registration mean he must notify police of wherever he is staying.
A judge at Birmingham Crown Court jailed Amin for eight weeks for the breach.
The sex offender was jailed for having sex with an animal after being trapped by DNA evidence – after his underpants and socks were found at the scene.

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  1. Laws of Ayatullah Seestani

    2640…. "if a person commits sexual intercourse with an animal like cow and sheep, the meat of which it is lawful to eat, its urine and excrement become Najis, and it is also haraam to eat their meat, and to drink their milk. As a precaution, same will be the case with their offsprings. Such an animal should be instantly killed and burnt, and one, who has had sexual intercourse with the animal should pay its price to its owner."

    So apparently it's OK for a muslim to have sex with a sheep, provided he doesn't afterwards slaughter it for meat.

    Does he have to enter into a temporary form of marriage with the sheep, to avoid sex outside marriage?

    February 2006 – a Sudanese man, named Ahamed Budhallah, caught having sex with a neighbour's goat which was subsequently nicknamed Rose, was ordered by the council of elders to pay the neighbour a dowry of 15,000 Sudanese dinars ($75) and marry the animal.

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