Ricky J: I really think I’m clever
My anti-Semitism is so intellectual

UPDATE: Al Avai observes: He gives a very good synopsis of both classical anti-Semitism and modern anti-Semitism masquerading as anti-Zionism. Amazing how there can be car bombs and suicide bombs going off left and right, in Muslim countries and by Muslims e.g. in neighboring Russia, and in his willful blindness he imagines that the Jews remain the threat to world peace…..

In Celebration of Easter

4.4.2010 19.50 | Richard Järnefelt

In honor of Easter I thought I would raise a hot potato again, because I have begun to get so irritated by those who are mentally psychotic or those who are blind fanatics spreading their nonsense everywhere (including at the Uusi Suomi [Finnish online paper] opinion columns and blogs) about Israel, “God’s chosen people”, “God’s possession”, who are in everything always so good, so just, and miraculous, which should be allowed everything possible – including the oppression of the Palestinians, their expulsion and killing, when they are in the way on the Israelis’ “promised land”, “the chosen people”.
How the Jews (and gypsies and gays, etc.) in Hitler’s Germany and elsewhere, were very much persecuted for a very long time, it is not defensible. But on the other hand, because of the horrors of the past one should not cover his eyes to Judaism’s own mistakes, and the atrocities Jews have done in the past and in the present. “The chosen people” was the first error, and the “promised land” was another.
Jewish brutality was exceptional even for that time in the world, and it was motivated by religion, that is, were led to believe that God himself has promised this land to them, and therefore justifies it. Nonsense.

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