NOTE: TINC’s comment is in reference to this earlier post by the TT.

Former Mayor Koch writes: “Now, in my opinion, based on the actions and statements by President Obama and members of his administration, there is grave doubt among supporters of Israel that President Obama can be counted on to do what presidents before him did – protect our ally, Israel.”
I think there is merit in Mayor Koch’s statement. In the past 13 months since President O’Bama came into office, he’s bowed to the Saudi king and chastised Israel. The President has made one restrained comment on Iranian dissidents and several loud condemnation of Jews building homes where we wish.
Moreover, this Administration is offering large-scale arms packages to Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia at the very same time it is demanding territorial concessions of Israel. As if this weren’t problematic, this Administration is also breaking guarantees made by the Bush Administration (both public and private) regarding territorial concessions.
The sum total of these policies taken together should be clear for most to see. Certainly Israel-haters are making a point to express their pleasure. This in of itself should give us all a clue that Former Mayor Koch’s somewhat restrained thesis is accurate.

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