Catherine Ashton: But let me first start by saying, that the EU finds it highly offensive that Jews are actually planning to build more homes in their ancient Jewish capital of Jerusalem.

EU apparatchiks like Catherine Ashton are disgusting, immoral and highly stupid. To look upon them is to loathe them. Why anyone would want, let alone allow, for a misguided, mindless boob bureaucrat like Catherine Ashton, (or any of the morons that run the EU for that matter) to attain a high postion in government is totally beyond me.
These people are disgusting. They should all be run out of Brussels with pitchforks aimed at their rears, but yet the people of Europe willingly approve or pay no attention at all to these droids, in spite of their gross lack of intelligence and moral backbone.
So eh,…Catherine Ashton, thinks that a “climate of trust” is needed to get all parties talking to each other once again. For exactly to what end Catherine, have you stopped taking your anti-ignoramus pills again? There’s already a trust that exists between the Israelis and the Fakestinian Arabs. It’s called reality.
The Israelis trust that the Arabs are doing everything in their power to prolong their conflict with the Jewish state, because they totally reject a non-Muslim entity, especially one that’s Jewish, on what they deem formally Muslim land.  The Arabs trust that the Jews will be doing their best to stay alive, prevent terrorist attacks, and respond in kind if attacked.
Both sides trust that the EU will remain the dhimmi suckers that they are, and cry foul when Israel launches an operation to scale back the increase in the terrorist infrastructure, as well as continue to fund the terrorist enterprise called the PA, while seeking ways to “engage the equally terrorist Hamas.
So trust abounds throughout the ME, it’s only the dhimmified EU apparatchiks like Ashton, who don’t believe that “the trust” doesn’t exist, because they happen to live in a world of fantasy. These people are detestable. I can’t stand the sight of them. KGS
JERUSALEM, MARCH 17 – The person in charge of the European Union’s foreign policy, Catherine Ashton, has today stated in Jerusalem that there is a need to bring back a climate of trust between Israelis and Palestinians.

Speaking during a press conference following her meeting with Israel’s Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, Ashton noted that the main subject on the agenda had been Iran’s nuclear programme. On this matter, Ashton said no more than that they discussed “the difficulties we are faced with by nuclear proliferation”.

Ashton went on to reaffirm the EU’s commitment to finding a solution to the Middle East conflict on the basis of the formation of a Palestinian state neighbouring Israel. She referred to the need to create the right climate of trust to promote profitable negotiations between the two sides, which should also address the question of Jerusalem.

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