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This comes by way of Kitman TV via Vlad Tepes. How long before it takes the average person on the street to recognize Islam for what it is, a highly toxic ideology that stunts, warps and retards society? Today’s Leftists have managed to obscure the reality of Islam, as well as intimidate those who speak truthfully about it with outlandish claims of racism, law suits and jail time.
The tactics work, at least to the extent that makes it more difficult, but not impossible, to speak the truth about what Islam actually represents. Islam has nothing to do with ‘peace’, and everything to do with control, oppression and subjugation of society. If Islam was a new ideology making its way to be known around the mordern world, it would be hunted down, its leaders jailed, and the ideology dismissed as a cult. It’s only because of the wealth of its numbers that non-Muslims treat it differently.
Islam as an ideology must be defeated, there is no other way, Western liberal society cannot allow itself to co-exist with it, because in the long run, it will be swallowed up by it. Fighting anti-free speech legislation everywhere it raises its head, as well as championing women’s rights and defending apostates will eventually chip away at Islam’s armor.
Once Muslims, those who are forced to accept Islam as a part of their identity, are given reasonable assurances that the West is there to support them, and in a meaningful way, then count how many remain as Muslims after that. The Tundra Tabloids seriously doubts that many would retain their Islamic culture. KGS

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