The enemy within
Thankfully, the Republican Party has people within its ranks that are pressing for the recognition of one of the more serious issues of the day, that being, countering the jihad against America. The Republican Party has unfortunately, their share of shills for the Islamofascist terrorists, which have been busily spreading their poison through the rank and file, most noticeably at last weekend’s CPAC conference.
Snakes like Karen Kwiatkowski have been given a platfrom by CPAC organizers to spread lies about the war on Islamofascism, whose talking points fall along the lines of reasoning of the extreme Right-Wing called paleoconservatives, also radical Ron Paul supporters of the Libertarians and the radical Left-wing.
This woman is a stooge for the jihad, and has been seen peddling her crap on a number of documentaries where she helps to smear the uniform of the country that she represents. She’s a traitor.

Thanks to FPM and Pamela Geller for exposing the CPAC organizers’ gross failure in judgement in allowing Retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Karen Kwiatkowski and Jacob Hornberger to disseminate their nonsense for an hour, while relegating the Freedom Defense Initiative to the sidelines. KGS

CPAC Shills for Islamic Terrorists

FP: Pamela, welcome back to Frontpage Interview.
I would like to talk to you today about some troubling developments that occurred at the recent Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).
Let’s begin by you telling us about your own event there.
Geller: Good to be here again Jamie, thank you.
Last Friday, Robert Spencer and I hosted a standing-room-only event at CPAC. It was standing room only, despite the fact that we were off to the side and were going against Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Congressman Steve King, Congressman Mike Pence, Grover Norquist and several other panels.
Our conference was designed to speak the truths that others will not speak. First to speak was Wafa Sultan, the ex-Muslim who shot to international fame after she stood up for human rights against Sharia on Al-Jazeera in a debate with an Islamic cleric on a famous viral video, and the author of A God Who Hates. She spoke of Islam’s war against the West.
Then Steve Coughlin, the former Pentagon Islamic law specialist who was making his first public appearance after being fired from the Defense Department after pressure from those who didn’t like his truth-of-the-matter stance on jihad. He gave a bit of his controversial presentation to the Pentagon, showing how the Defense Department is ignoring the true nature of the jihad threat, to our great detriment – which is the title of his lengthy thesis on this problem.
Then in the second hour our speakers showed the next phases of the advance of jihad and Sharia. While Coughlin was fired for telling the truth about Islam and jihad, human rights activist Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff is being prosecuted for “hate speech” in Austria for the same truth telling. After her came Anders Gravers of Stop the Islamisation of Europe, who has been physically assaulted for standing up for freedom in Denmark.
Then Simon Deng, a former slave in Sudan and a leading human rights activist against jihad and Islamic supremacism, showed what life is like for the subjugated, enslaved Christians of southern Sudan – the fourth phase of Sharia encroachment. Finally, the war hero and Congressional candidate Lt. Colonel Allen West gave a stirring speech calling us all to the defense of freedom.
FP: It’s a great sign that CPAC hosted an event like this, right?
Geller: Well Jamie, it’s not really what happened. The truth of the matter is that our event was at CPAC, but it was an independent event, not a CPAC event. And the truths that our speakers told were not aired at any other event at CPAC.
FP: Ok, just a second, let me get something straight: we are facing a deadly enemy in this current terror war, and that enemy is Islamic jihad — based on Islamic theology. CPAC had how many panels about it?
Geller: One.
And it was an exercise in misinformation.
FP: Are you kidding me?
Geller: Not at all. The single panel was:
“You’ve Been Lied To: Why Real Conservatives are Against the War on Terror Delaware Ballroom
Sponsored by Campaign for Liberty (60 minutes)
Speakers: Retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Karen Kwiatkowski and Jacob Hornberger, President of FFF
Open to All CPAC Attendees”
The message there was that “real conservatives” don’t support the war on terror because it is a creation of the “Israeli lobby” — which coalesces with the left-wing’s new anti-Semitism against neoconservatives. Karen Kwiatkowski is a darling of both the leftist Huffington Post and the anti-Semitic paleocon site Antiwar.com.
Pamela Geller
Truth Teller

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