Turban And The Swastika.......


Finally, the first part of this 52 minute movie uploaded by “Vlad The Subtitler” in conjunction with “Henrik The Translator“. Good going to the whole team. KGS

NOTE: Here’s a pic from Pamela’s blog Atlas Shrugs of Hezballah in Lebanon rendering a salute in honor of Imad Fayez Mugniyah © REUTERS/Khalil Hassan.

Vlad Tepes: I am very excited to be able to upload the first 9 minutes of a 52 minute German documentary called, ‘The Turban and the Swastika’. Over the course of the week I hope to have all 45 minutes uploaded and in a playlist for you all. Think of this as a teaser.
It really is a fantastic documentary showing the amazing degree of cooperation and mutual admiration between the Muslims and the Nazis. Much more so than even those of us who are aware of it knew, and this features a lot of rare footage of Hitler and the Grand Mufti.
Thank you to a large team of people who have been working for a long time to translate this and time stamp it, and to Henrik R Clausen who did the actual German to English translation.


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