To first get yourself into the mood for the story, watch the Bob Dylan video of him singing: “The times they are a changing”.
There are signs that Norway’s political and media elite are finally coming to terms with the issues of antisemitism that Dr.Manfred Gerstenfeld of the JCPA has been speaking and writing about over the past few years. Perhaps Norway after all, is slowly accepting the responsibility they share in (a) not denying that antisemitism exists in Norway, (b) it’s not just coming just from the Muslim community and (c) they are taking steps to address it, no matter where in their society it raises its head.
When Dr.Gerstenfeld published Behind the Humanitarian Mask in September 2008, there was still a united front of the elite which more or less said:
[Our country is great. We are a country that strictly adheres to humanitarian principles. Israelis, (read = Right-wingers)  attack us mainly because they want to draw attention away from their problems. There is no antisemitism and whatever there is, is being caused by Muslims, not white Norwegians, no they wouldn’t do such things.]
Slowly but surely the whole construct of lies created by the false progressive elite is coming under attack. Harald Stanghelle, in an article in Aftenposten of which his editor, had to admit that there is anti-Semitism and that it is a problem, even though he still tried to blame it on the Muslims. 
Erik Eiglad’s book “The anti-Jewish riots in Oslo undermines the story of blaming everything on Muslims. While it very well might be as Tundra Tabloids’ colleague, TINSC suggests: “a narcissistic lefty took a pot-shot at his fellow narcissistic left-wingers. The purpose of this is probably to call attention to himself
It nonetheless, gives an opportunity, no matter what the motives of the author may be, to highlight the issue as a whole. As TINSC also states: “it’s nice to see that somebody, somewhere in Norway has thought to publicize a nasty anti-Semitic incident that was largely ignored by the mainstream media.”

The recent Muslim demonstration showed the problem is Norway and not Israel. If the Norwegian elite had been smarter, they would have realized this when last year, after the police protected the Jews, the Muslim scum attacked non-Jewish shops on Oslo’s main street. All this is the beginning of a process which we will able to look at with great interest in the coming year. KGS

NOTE: Norway has been given a lot to think about this past year, with NTNU’s seven part lecture series seminar that was heavily biased against Israel, and that culminated in a vote on whether or not to boycott Israeli universities. That vote ended in a defeat of the measure, but it came at a loss to the prestige of the university.

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