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“The hills reverberate with the sounds of screaming”

Female genital mutilation remains problem, group warns

Between 6,000 and 8,000 women in Austria have been forced to undergo genital mutilation, according to Social Democratic MP Petra Bayr.
Bayr, a member of the Austrian Platform against Female Genital Mutilation, said today: “Many parents believe they are doing their daughters a favour by forcing them to undergo it.”
She said the only way to change such thinking was to engage in awareness-raising and make it clear to parents that genital mutilation was neither called for by religion nor a pre-condition for finding a husband.
Rather, she added, genital mutilation was a violation of human rights that left its victims mentally and physically damaged for the rest of their lives.
Bayr added that her group was working with health personnel, migrant organisations and religious leaders to try to change the situation.

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  1. The only way to stop it is not to raise awareness, they are quite aware of what they are doing. The way to stop it is to hang the first dozen of those caught, guaranteed there will be no number thirteen.

  2. Ciccio,
    how about some male genital mutilation? I am talking cut their c#ck off, not just a castration.

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