Jermaine Jackson: “When we were brought as a people from Africa to the States – we were originally Muslims. It was this white slave message that put Christianity on us.” Transcript here.

Black slaves in the Muslim slave trade
That’s the diseased meme the Nation of Islam (the racist black Muslim separatist movement that has ties to Barack Hussein Obama’s church in Chicago) has spread throughout the United States, that black African Americans were originally Muslim, living in peace and harmony on the African continent until “whitey” came along and started the slave trade.

The truth behind the African slave trade, is that, Islam institutionalized the practice as a sacred right for Muslims to own the non-Muslim (hint: that’s how most Africans became Muslim, through enslavement) which envolved extensive slaving expeditions (raids) along all the coast of Europe, and then into the heart of Africa when European resistence proved to costly to raid. KGS

Link: Atlantic Jihad, Europeans captured and sold

How Islam breathed new life into slavery and the slave trade in Europe

by John J. O’Neill

In my newly-published book, Holy Warriors: Islam and the Demise of Classical Civilization, I argue at length that a great majority of the things commonly regarded as “Medieval” were in fact introduced to Europe from Islam, and that it was Islam, and not the Huns, Vandals and Goths, which terminated Classical Civilization, the rational and humane civilization of Greece and Rome. This civilization survived in Europe and in North Africa and the Near East until the seventh century, at which point it was terminated by the Muslim conquests.
In point of fact, Islam’s influence upon Europe was much greater than is commonly imagined, but that influence was entirely negative. Not only did the Muslims terminate Classical Civilization, but they dragged Europe, on many levels, down to a more barbarous level of culture. It was from the Muslims, for example, that Christian Europeans got the idea of “Holy War,” a concept that would have been unthinkable in earlier centuries. And from Islam too, the institution of slavery, as well as the slave trade, received a new and powerful impetus.


Al-Jizz: “Black Iraqis in the southern province of Basra are complaining of discrimination, saying they are not fairly represented in the state. African Iraqis have lived in the country for centuries and now number more than one million. Many of them are descendants of African slaves brought to Iraq. Many Iraqis still refer to them by their ancestral name, abeed – meaning slaves. Salem Shaaban is a member of the Free Movement of Iraqis, advocating more rights for African Iraqis.”