Che Guevara happens to be one of the more celebrated cold blooded mass murdering killers of our times, the fact that this murderer is lionized by many as a ”humanitarian and a freedom fighter” is one of the worst twists of irony and miscarriages of justice.
Enter the “Finnish Defenders of Peace“. With their continual insistance on promoting the worst of the worst, as the “best of the best”, they symbolize everything that the United Nations has become, but on a smaller scale. They’re an anti-West, conspiracy driven pseudo peace organization that back some of the more loony notions that hide within cracks of our society.
Here is a short film on their hero, Che Geuvara, the racist, mass murdering Latino version of the Afghani Taliban, who hated Western music, deemed Blacks as lazy good for nothing second class people and had a fondness for the ordering and executing of the people he disagreed with. Finnish Defenders of Peace and Che Geuvara, sounds like a match to me.

Now here’s the glowing review the Suomen Rauhanpuolustajat Ry gives the book by Peter McLaren about the “educator” Che. It’s enough to make you vomit. Defender of peace indeed.  KGS

The views of two different “educators” on the right to a humane life.

Che Guevara and Paulo Freire were exceptional individuals: romanticized heroes, but also to public educators. Their way of functioning, contributing to global fairness differed. They share the idea of human rights of all human life. And as the world-famous representative of the critical pedagogy of Peter McLaren in this book shows Che and Freire’s teachings are needed today more than ever before.
Peter McLaren is a Canadian educationist, who has acted as professor of education at the University of California since 1993. McLaren did in the 1970s teaching in poor residential area native. In 1983 he defended his doctoral thesis at the University of Toronto and moved to work in the United States. McLaren has lectured in many universities on all continents and is one of the leading theorists of critical pedagogy in the world. He has written and delivered dozens of books translated into several languages.
NOTE: No surprise that the same Finnish “peace organization” wants an immediate withdrawal of NATO forces from Afghanistan, though its widely believed that such a move would result in a mass murder or even genocide. They of course never address that issue, just demand the end of the war, and after the real blood starts to pour, then blame the West for starting the violence in the first place.
That’s why the TT labels these groups as “pseudo peace organizations”. They are really nothing more than Leftist political organizations that have commandered the “peace and humanitarian” label to further their own political goals.

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