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Still to this day, they’re all as corrupt as their dead terrorist potentate, stinky Arafat, and even after the story of the billions Arafat squirreled away in foreign bank accounts, the West continues to pump money into that failed enterprise. KGS
Dramatic warning delivered by Abbas’s former corruption-buster Fahmi Shabaneh.
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has surrounded himself with many of the corrupt officials who used to work for his predecessor, Yasser Arafat, and that’s why Hamas will one day take control of the West Bank, Fahmi Shabaneh, who was appointed by Abbas four years ago to root out corruption in the Palestinian Authority, said on Thursday.
In an exclusive interview with The Jerusalem Post, Shabaneh, who until recently was in charge of the Anti-Corruption Department in the PA’s General Intelligence Service (GIS), warned that what happened in the Gaza Strip in the summer of 2007, when Hamas managed to overthrow the Fatah-controlled regime, is likely to recur in the West Bank.
“Had it not been for the presence of the Israeli authorities in the West Bank, Hamas would have done what they did in the Gaza Strip,” Shabaneh told the Post. “It’s hard to find people in the West Bank who support the Palestinian Authority. People are fed up with the financial corruption and mismanagement of the Palestinian Authority.”
Shabaneh said that many Palestinians in the West Bank have lost hope that the PA would one day be reformed. “The Palestinian Authority is very corrupt and needs to be overhauled,” he said.
Shabaneh cited several specific cases of alleged corruption within Fatah and the PA in the course of the interview, including asserting that Fatah personnel stole much of a $3.2 million donation given by the US to Fatah ahead of the 2006 Palestinian parliamentary election, won by Hamas, which had been intended to improve Fatah’s image and boost its chances of winning.

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  1. yehuda shomron is no gaza, israeli presence is non negotiable

  2. Quite a despicable site you have here, so hate-filled, so racist. And I don't mean any of that as a compliment. But you're still short of

    Really quite sad and pathetic…

    And I'm not even a fan of Obama. The US is a rogue state and so is Israel. War criminals! And then there are those good people who are on Masada's SHIT list and I think the list is getting longer. More and more Jews are saying Israel does not represent us – NOT in OUR names!

    Guess I'm the one lucky Canuck visiting your site right now…. so love and hugs from the blizzard.

  3. You're nothing more than a troll who leaves nothing of substance, just accusations.

    As for Jews, more and more Jews are opening their eyes and seeing how badly the Leftist media has been lying to them.

    More Jews are showing their support for Israel, especially in Europe, as many are leaving for their ancient homeland due to antisemitism and quislings like you.

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