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Tundra Tabloids contributor, “Tundraman” forwards the following article published in the “YLIOPISTO – Helsinki University student magazine” (number 1/2010, Jan. 22nd) which shows the depth of stupidity, not only of the Helsingin Sanomat journalist who wrote the article, but also of the university paper’s ‘gate-keeper’ who published it. Read on.

NOTE: Niemelä mentions academic loon, Johan Bäckman, who has written a conspiracy book about the “evil” Estonians relocating a Soviet era war monument to a more fitting cemetery, the man also insists that Estonia was never occupied as well as supporting sharia law in Finland. Like I said, a real loon.

The Yliopisto has done it again:

In a column (on page 49) by Kyösti Niemelä, (a Helsinki critic and journalist) titled “Älä sano mielipidettäsi” (Don´t tell your opinion). Niemelä starts by telling that an American professor Stanely Fish once told his students that he is not interested in their opinions, and not in his own, either.

Half way through of the column, however, he starts talking about the controversial Johan Bäckman who has taught in the university although he has controversial political opinions about Estonia. Then he continues like this:

“Voisiko holokaustin kiistäjä opettaa yliopistolla juutalaisten historiaa? Vastaus on ehdottomasti kyllä. Opettajan pitää vain olla kertomatta kantaansa oppitunnilla. Mikäli aiheena on esimerkiksi juutalaiset 1500-luvulla, se lienee jopa helppoa. Onnistuvathan lukion historianopettajatkin puhumaan kiistellyistä aiheista ilman että heidän poliittinen kantansa paljastuu”
Translation: “Could a Holocaust-denier teach the history of the Jews at the university? The answer is a definite yes. The teacher just has to refrain from telling his views in class. If the subject is, for example, the Jews in the 16th century, it becomes even more easy. Even high school history teachers of  manage to talk about controversial issues without revealing their political opinion”.

Tundraman: First; to compare the denial of the Holocaust to just “political opinion” is already quite shocking. Secondly, to think that the “viewpoint” of a Holocaust-denier could be hidden when he is teaching Jewish history is absurd. And third; not even all history teachers do a very good job at hiding their “political opinions”.

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