Obamanation: Come on Moody, just hang tough
we’ll chip away at the Jews hold on the eternal city
No where else in the world does a nation have its own capital constantly on the chopping block. The Arabs have Ramallah where Stinky Arafat is chucked, or the parking lot in front of the gas station at Abu Dis. The Tundra Tabloids has visited there and can think of no better of a place for the Arabs to set up shop. They can entertain guests arriving while they sell tourists fake Rolexes and lifts their wallets. KGS
What’s wrong with this?
NOTE: For the record, the TT no longer believes that a two state solution is a solutiion. The Arabs should be allowed to rejoin Jordan and Egypt.

‘J’lem will be Palestinian capital’

 Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Thursday said that the Palestinians would not accept Abu Dis, a town between Jerusalem and Ma’aleh Adumim that is currently controlled by the PA, as the capital of their future state, but would insist on receiving control over east Jerusalem.
In an interview with an Arab-language Russian TV channel, Abbas explained that while he feels east and west must not be divided in practice, it was important that it would be clear which part of the capital belongs to the Palestinians and which part belongs to Israel.
The PA president said that the Israeli demand to be recognized as a Jewish state appeared only in the 1947 partition plan, hinting that Israel would have to implement that plan in order to gain recognition as a Jewish state.
Abbas went on to explain that he could not resume peace talks with Israel without agreeing on basic issues and while Israel continued construction in east Jerusalem, because the peace process would suffer a serious blow already after the first meeting.

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