This is from all places, Al-Jazeera. Thanks to Islam in Europe for the heads up. The Islamic role in the African slave trade happens to be one of the most under reported stories. This al-Jizz report happens to bring to light one of the most overlooked historical incidents in the history of mankind.
Everyone knows about the “white man’s” (read = European) slave trade of Africans to the “New World”, but how many know about the slave trade to the Islamic world, which predates the European trade by a number of centuries?
These Iraqi Blacks are just beginning to sound their voices for an equal share of the Iraqi pie, having been relegated to the lower rungs of the Iraqi economic ladder for centuries. Now it’s time for Blacks in Islam to demand their equal rights and no longer be referred to as SLAVES, which Ibn means in Arabic. KGS

H/T Islam in Europe

Al-Jizz: “Black Iraqis in the southern province of Basra are complaining of discrimination, saying they are not fairly represented in the state. African Iraqis have lived in the country for centuries and now number more than one million. Many of them are descendants of African slaves brought to Iraq. Many Iraqis still refer to them by their ancestral name, abeed – meaning slaves. Salem Shaaban is a member of the Free Movement of Iraqis, advocating more rights for African Iraqis.”

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