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They are one and the same
Do not be fooled, anti-Semitic malice has not decreased, rather anti-Semites have succeeded in repackaging their hate into a politically digestive form.”

TINSC, a dear friend and colleague of the Tundra Tabloids coined the following phrase years ago, and sadly, nothing has changed for the better since then; “In a world void of anti-Semitism, the War Against Israel (WAI) could not exist.”

Jerusalem, 16 December 2009

On Yom Kippur, automatic rifle fire shattered the quiet outside the Great Synagogue of Paris, sending worshippers diving for cover.
In Denmark, two Jews were shot in a shopping mall in the town of Odense. A few weeks later, a Danish school principal declared Jewish students no longer welcome in his school, advising Jewish parents to send their children elsewhere.
In Sweden, a Jewish cultural center was attacked by arsonists, twice, in one week.
In Chicago, an unprecedented chain of anti-Semitic attacks left synagogues and schools with their windows smashed, and saw walls covered in graffiti and charred by the remains of a Molotov cocktail.
In London, attempts were made to burn down synagogues and loot local businesses. Men pulled a Jewish motorist out of his car and beat him.
Similar events took place in Belgium, Australia, and Brazil.
These events took place in 2009, not 1939. Many of these attacks were done in the name of justice for Palestinians: In order to create “peace” in the Middle East. In order to defend the underdog. In order to attack Jews!
In 1914, Russian historian Solomon Lyuria began research for a book no anti-Semitism in the ancient world. In the foreword to his book, Professor Lyuria relates that in 1917, following the October Revolution, he stopped his research, feeling the topic would no longer be relevant to modern readers in a new age of socialist equality. Three months later, seeing the life for Russia’s jews had not changed, Professor Lyuria resumed work on his book.
The story rings true today.

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