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The Tundra Tabloids reported on the Aftenposten’s smear editorial, most likely penned by (but no way of knowing for sure), the Aftenposten’s political editor, Harald Stanghelle. Heh heh,…will the proper owner to the editorial please raise his or her guilty hand? The Tundra Tabloids thinks not, because the Afternposten staff find it much easier to hide behind an editorial, especially when it’s written with disingenuous intentions, rather than risking it all by being frank about one’s views, lets say in an article or column.
The Tundra Tabloids is of the opinion that one can determine who holds the upper hand here, by the way one (Dr.Gerstenfeld) addresses these serious issues with verifiable facts followed by personal analysis, while the other (Norway/Aftenposten) chooses not to address those facts at all, while twisting the historical narrative in order to come out smelling like a rose.
The Norwegian media are a bunch of Johnny-come-lately’s to the denouncing of  NTNU’s call to contemplate a boycott of Israeli universities. A more likely scenario is that, if the anti-Israel hate seminar lecture series and the boycott measure, were to have slipped past the international radar screen, the Norwegian media would have never said a negative word about it an the measure would have passed. They’re more angered by the whistle blowers themselves, than the call to boycott Israeli universities. Lets be honest here.

The Tundra Tabloids has obtained the English translation of Dr.Manfred Gerstenfeld’s op-ed published by the Aftenposten, which gave him a right of reply after their smear job editorial. KGS


Manfred Gerstenfeld

Aftenposten has attacked me in an editorial with false personal characterizations. The same text shows the paper’s inability to confront my detailed documented exposures about many shortcomings of Norway’s ruling elites
One example: The editorial posits the twisted claim that the strong actions of Norwegian politicians against the proposed NTNU boycott were a show of support for Israel. These actions however came only after major international negative publicity about that university and Norway. They opposed the academic boycott primarily to limit further damage to Norway’s image.
Scholars for Peace in the Middle East had already informed tens of thousands of academics worldwide that NTNU rector Torbjorn Digernes was the first head of a Western university to support a series of anti-Israel propaganda lectures in an institution meant to undertake research and education. In a widely circulated letter of 26 October to Prime Minister Stoltenberg the Simon Wiesenthal Center had asked him to condemn NTNU.
The Anti-Defamation League in New York had requested the European Union to exclude all universities which boycott others from the huge Erasmus student exchange program. The American Association of University Professors came out against an academic boycott. So did the incoming chairman of the International Institute of University Professors. The Russell Group of the 20 leading universities of the UK condemned the boycott and wrote to the NTNU rector. Thousands of academics worldwide among which 13 Nobel laureates signed a SPME petition saying: “We stand in solidarity with Israeli academics and academic institutions; if you boycott them, boycott us as well.”
This is only a limited selection of foreign condemnations, many of which were not published by the major Norwegian media. Only after these, a few days before 12 November when the NTNU Board was to discuss the boycott proposal Minister Torah Aasland came out saying that it was illegal and in Aftenposten and VG senior writers condemned the boycott.

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