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There are still many Nazis left
waiting to finish the job

The Last Nazi, aged 89, finally faces justice as he goes on trial accused of helping to kill 28,000 Jews

He is frail and almost 90 years old but a former SS guard will finally face justice over the deaths of almost 28,000 Jews in the Holocaust next week.
In what may be the final Nazi trial, John Demjanjuk, 89, will appear in court in Munich over allegations he took part in an extermination programme at Sobibor in Poland.
The Ukrainian-born former U.S. auto worker fought in the Red Army before being captured by the Nazis and recruited as a concentration camp guard, it is claimed by prosecutors.
He was extradited from the U.S. in May after months of legal wrangling and is due to go on trial on Monday despite his family insisting he is too frail to be in the dock.
Demjanjuk, who denies any involvement in the Holocaust, will come face to face with one of the lucky few who survived the camp where at least 250,000 people died.
Thomas Blatt, whose younger brother and parents were killed at Sobibor, has travelled from his American home to see the trial.
‘It is important to hear the testimony of those times, for young people to truly know the meaning of the hell on earth that was Sobibor,’ he 88-year-old told the Daily Mirror.
‘The stink of carbon monoxide, the naked little children going to be gassed, the flames that licked out of the furnace chimney as all you knew and loved evaporated before your eyes.
‘Demjanjuk is not an old man who deserves pity but who should come to terms with what he did.’

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