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An anonymous reader of the Tundra Tabloids left the following comment concerning a TT post from last year, about Robert Spencer’s lecture at the Univeristy of Wisconsin. The commenter is upset that the TT referred to the intolerant followers of Mo at the lecture as “intolerant followers of Mo”. To come to think of it, the TT should have worded it in the following way: “The intolerant worshippers and followers of madman prophet of Islam, Mo”.
followers of Mo?” You are idiots and your site is as ridiculous as you are. Were you even there? probably not. Spencer was the only unruly person present-Jumping up and down like a child who wants attention. And the only reason why this post has no comments is because you screen them all before you approve them. If you had any balls, you would post them freely.”
Heh. The comment section at the TT is a privilege, not a right, and due to racists, bigots, spambots and trolls the TT monitors all comments. If ya don’t like it….no one is obligated to read these pages. Sometimes a comment speaks more about the person leaving it, than about the comment’s intended target, so that’s why some comments are worth republishing, like for example, the above comment.
1.) In spite of their denial, Mohamed is worshipped by Muslims, which makes the followers of Mo according to their own defintion of the word, idolaters.
2.) Robert Spencer, as both scholar and lecturer, always presents himself in a professional manner, having seen dozens of videos of his speeches and lectures, it’s a fact that I can attest to. The TT has also met and dined with Spencer (in Brussles) and can also attest to his being a gentleman in private as well.
3.) The only person jumping around like a child wanting attention, is this commenter, as many will now notice, slinging charges about someone without a scintilla of evidence. The TT doubts seriously that the commenter was even at the lecture, but that’s a point neither the TT nor the commenter can prove.
4.) Anyone daring to say that the TT “has no balls”, while doing so without a handle or name,…is the one without any balls. Nuff said.

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