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Ezzedin A. sits in the dock next to his lawyer, Gerhard Thien, in a court in Hagen..

The Tundra Tabloids thanks Kumitonttu for sending the following story that was published yesterday in the Finnish tabloid paper, Iltalehti, which wasn’t at the time made available online. The Iltalehti article was the first to break the story that it was a Finnish national involved in the honor murder, but the Tundra Tabloids might be the first, after conducting its own investigation, to have found and published the names, or at least the partial names, of both men involved in the honor killing.

The Syrian uncle, who lives in Finland but still missing, is named as K. Hussain (48), and the Lebanese cousin of the murdered girl is Ezzedin. A (20), who now sits in a German jail awaiting trial. Both were named in a German article that the TT will include portions of after the acticle from the Finnish tabloid paper, Iltalehti.

Those involved are either from, or have roots in Syria, Lebanon and parts of Turkey. The murdered pregnant girl was a Kurd born in Germany, her live in boyfriend a Turk, the cousin has a Lebanese background and the uncle is from Syria, but has obtained Finnish citizenship. The girl was deemed by her relatives to have been violating her Muslim background, for wanting to live a Western lifestyle, and was subsequently murdered for it.

TT colleague, Henrik Clausen, states: “Usually the elders decide, and the younger kill, with the reason being, forcing the young to become killers is that they’ll serve less prison time than adults. Seems to be the case up to 21 years in Germany. Kurdish. They have even more family executions.”

Here’s a rundown: The westernized German Kurdish woman had already escaped her family and lived in a womens’ shelter for less than a year because her brother had been terrorizing her. The uncle came to Germany from Finland under a false name to organize the killing. The uncle then succeeded  in abducting the girl after following her, and put her in the trunk of his car, and then the uncle ‘forced’ the 21-year to do the killing. The uncle had held a gun to his head and said: “If you don’t do what I tell you, you’ll be next.”

Those of you who have been following the Rifqa Bary case, know that many in the US judicial system have been more than willing to lend credibility to the parents of Rifqa Bary, that they would mean her no harm and that she should be returned into their custody unitl she’s reaches the age of 18. This monsterous incident is just one of many, that sadly show that it’s not just up to the parents on how their children will be treated, but also up to the relatives as well.

How many more murders of women shall there be, until law officials wisen up to the fact that the extended family is a factor to be taken into consideration as well? This German born Kurdish woman was living her own life, and for the last year of it, Ibtihal lived in fear that she would become a victim of violence at the hands of her family. This is a real life situation for female members of a family who are both Muslim and come from countries, or have relatives in countries, yet to be influenced positively by Western standards of morality or rule of law.

This makes the Rifqa Bary case all the more relevent in today’s America, because she represents thousands, if not tens of thousands of women and men who are apostates who want to leave Islam, or Muslims who don’t want Islam to rule every aspect of their lives. The TT calls the latter, “the “mild ones”.  These people need protection by the law, and that their individual cases will be taken seriously by law enforcement officials, as opposed to what has been happening in the Rifqa Bary case. KGS

Finnish Honorary Murder suspect missing

Iltalehti: A Finn is suspected of being together with a relative of Syrian background in the murdering of a 20-year-old female relative in Germany due of family honor. A 20-year old with Lebanese roots, but born in Bochum Germany, Ibtihal, was found shot to death in Frankfurt in a motorway rest place in Lüdenschen, 31 August 2008.

Ibtihal was visited the previous evening by her mother and sisters, and left after receiving a call at between 22-23. The next morning, the young woman found shot dead.

Authorities suspect Ibtihal’s 21-year-old cousin of Syrian background and a 48-year-old uncle who’s living in Finland in Ibtihal’s honor killing. The cousin arrested in May last year, but the uncle who holds a Finnish passport has been missing since Ibtihal’s murder.

The uncle blamed for the murder

The case has been handled in a court in Hagen last September. A statement from the 21-year-old cousin read in court blamed the murder on the uncle residing in Finland. According to German press reports, the uncle would have traveled under a false name in Germany to murder Ibtihal who stained the family honor and then fled immediately after the act.

– If you do not do it, you’re next, threatened the uncle living in Finland to the 21-year-old cousin, and then pushed the same pistol against his head. Then the cousin, as his uncle stood by watching him, shot Ibtihal to death.

Ibtihal, who is suspected of being honor murdered had been afraid for her life already for a long while, and had lived in a safety house for women less than a year. Ibtihal according to German newspapers had adopted a western way of life and had been living with a Turkish man outside of marriage.

The trial in Hagen continues in December. The 21-year-old is threaten with ten years, and life imprisonment for the Finn, where he to be apprehended at all.

The family made the decision to kill

A young Kurdish girl had to die because of her Western lifestyle. My cousin’s uncle is to blame.

[Hagen. She had no chance: On 31 August 2008, three shots at close range ended the life of the 20-year-old Ibtihal Al Z. from Schwerte. She died in a meadow on the highway parking lot “Sterbecker Siepen” near the A45 in Lüdenscheid. The prosecutor is convinced that the Kurdish woman born in Bochum has been the victim of a so-called honor killing.]

“Friends of the deceased had described the 20-year-old as cheerful. She refused the headscarf, insisting on modern clothing. And her conservative family didn’t like her Turkish boyfriend, who, according to a report by Der Spiegel in late 2006, had already made a 16-year-old Turkish girl from Frankfurt pregnant.


Defenders of Ezzedine A. call for an acquittal. Defence lawyer Gerhard Thien, my client says his uncle forced him to do it. You can not blame him. “In the end, therefore, there can only be an acquittal for the 21-year-old. “

H/T Kumitonttu

NOTE: Thanks to Henrik Clausen for help in the German translation, and comments

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