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Bush U.N. Ambassador John Bolton weighs in on President Obama’s Nobel Peace prize. Not surprisingly, the mustachioed neocon takes issue with the Nobel committee’s decision. From the National Review: “He should decline it and then ask to be considered again in three or four years when he has a record.” More:
“Today’s news is just another demonstration of how politicized the Nobel Peace Prize has become, from President Carter winning in 2002, to Al Gore in 2007, and President Obama in 2009.”
“When the award was given to President Carter, the chairman of the committee said that it was a ‘kick in the leg’ to the Bush administration,” recalls Bolton. “This is yet another ‘kick in the leg’ for the Bush administration.” Bolton says the main problem is that basis for the award itself. Bolton says awards should go for deeds not words:
“Today’s prize, by the terms of the award itself, was made for President Obama’s ‘extraordinary efforts.’ The Nobel Peace Prize should be for achievement, not effort,” says Bolton. “Just look at the other Nobel prizes awarded this week, from physics to chemistry, they were given to those who have made tangible progress and achieved in their respective fields. Obama’s award is just for effort.”

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  1. What an appalling state of affairs.

    How on earth can anyone ever take the Nobel Peace Prize seriously ever again.

    If ever there was a worthy recipient for this year, surely that man is Morgan Tsvangirai who has worked tirelessly and bravely for peace in a country that has become a basket case of economic despoilment, political ruin and social disintegration.

    The man is an absolute hero who in contrast to Obama has put his own life on the line for his people time after time.

    What a farce.

    Words fail me!!

    But then look at the company he has joined – Arafat, Gore, Carter.

    Would you, dear reader, want to be in the same room with those jokers all at once?

    A very bad joke.

  2. Thanks Raymond, I appreciate your views. No sane person would want to be in the same room with these loons, except as part of the staff in a mental institution.

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