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Canada: Orwellian ‘Human Rights Commission’ Eats One Its Own…


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The Canadian Human Rights Commission’s former investigator is now under scrutiny for  HATE CRIMES! Hey, and remember, this is Canada’s farcical ‘Human Rights’ kangaroo tribunal that tried to prosecute Ezra Levant for publishing the dreaded cartoons of Mo. It also turns out that this anti-free speech enforcing branch of the Canadian government is full of racists themselves! Read it all and enjoy.  KGS

Richard Warman, the hate speech complainant who is personally responsible for all but two section 13 censorship prosecutions this decade, is now being investigated by the Canadian Human Rights Commission for hate speech himself.
I know. It sounds crazy. Just like it sounded crazy when it was revealed that Warman and the CHRC were members of neo-Nazi organizations.
Warman is a former CHRC investigator himself; and even after he left the CHRC they continued to pay his expenses to file and prosecute complaint after complaint. All this, despite the fact he’s been under investigation for hate speech for three years.
At the same time as Warman was a complainant, he was a defendant.
At the same time as the CHRC was cutting him cheques to cover his expenses, they were probing his conduct.
At the same time as he held himself out to be an anti-hate crimes activist, his own hateful speech was being probed.
Are you dizzy yet?
Here is a copy of the CHRC’s recent, four-page ruling confirming that they are proceeding with their investigation against Warman, despite his several objections.
As you can see, Warman tried to get the CHRC to back off by claiming, among other things, that his motivations were pure. But section 13 doesn’t care what your intentions were — or even if your comments were true. Warman knows that — that’s one of the reasons he loves that law, or did until now. And, hilariously, Warman whined to the CHRC that the complaint against him should be thrown out because it was embarrassing. Funny how that never occured to Warman when he was holding the section 13 stick in his own hands.
My favourite part, of course, is Warman’s last-ditch attempt to have complaint against him thrown out because… he’s suing me in civil court. As you can see throughout my website, I have documented countless examples of Warman’s own hate speech. Warman has slapped me (and several others) with a nuisance suit to shut me up. (It hasn’t worked. Here’s my statement of defence, if you’re interested.)
But now I see that abusive nuisance suit was used for another improper purpose: to try to get the CHRC to lay off Warman. In effect, he said, “don’t examine these hate speech charges against me… because I’m suing this other guy Levant for reporting them”. There’s not a lot of logic there, but I suppose he gets marks for creativity. But after nearly three years of delays, the CHRC has now decided: they’re going to proceed against Warman.
I can’t believe I’m writing these words: the Canadian Human Rights Commission is proceeding with an investigation against Richard Warman for hate speech. The maximum disruptor is now about to be disrupted himself.

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