Important Video on Fundamentalist Muslims in Germany…….

The more they’re in touch with their inner Mohamed
the more intolerant and violent they become
Vlad Tepes    : Remarkable german documentary about the gradual radicalisation and moral deroute of Barino Barzoum. Son of a coptic christian father and german catholic mother. It details how the Quran disguises seeds of hate and scorn as indisputable opinions of the creator of the universe. This mixture of ruthlessnes and worship has a very interesting albeit devastating influence on the believer. Making an otherwise intelligent person loose his natural capacity for making moral judgements.
Highly recommended for anyone intererested in the psychology of islamic mindgames and memes
I went through the trouble of translating and subtitling this one myself mainly because I consider it the most important german documentary about Islam. In the sequel which I hope I will be able to translate at a later time, Barino leaves Islam and joins the church of the coptic christians. And today he is one of the most dedicated and outspoken people in germany warning against the threat of radical Islam. I have this gut feeling that a day will come when everybody will know who Barino is, and thought it would be good to present this record of his years in the Abu Bakr Mosque to an international audience.

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