Documentary Mo-toons

Those Bloody Danish Cartoons……!

Thanks to Vlad for finding this documentary of a Dane who interviews principle players in the dreaded Mo-cartoon brouhaha. Make no mistake, this documentary is not an attempt to blame the Danes or exonerate Muslims, but an interesting window into the thoughts of those who became news due to their role in the crisis.

I particularly enjoyed watching OIC’s Ekemleddin Ihsanoglu’s strong arm tactics in refusing to answer a question of whether he is in part to blame, as head of the OIC, for the fanning of flames of the conflict. Ihsanoglu responded in the very same way to a Tundra Tabloids’ statement and subsequent question when he was in Helsinki last year. KGS

Link: Bloody Cartoons.avi

NOTE: Observe how the documentary pulls no punches when it describes the events leading up to the riots that erupted around the world.

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