Norwegian University NTNU Sponsoring Anti-Israel Seminar…….

Perparing themselves to call
for a boycott of Israel

NTNU: We hate Israel, but first let us count the ways,
then we’ll call for a boycott laterThere is a mental disorder in Norway that’s often found within the various trade unions, political circles, branches of the media and the academy, which the Tundra Tabloids calls: “The Highly Irrational Hatred of the Jewish State of Israel.” Such a mental disorder allows a seemingly normal mind to cast aside all rational, reasoned thinking, and become facinated with absurd notions of Jews controlling the world and the Jewish state victimizing the Arabs because they have nothing better to do. Dr.Manfred Gerstenfeld from the JCPA has documented it, in the book he edited, “Behind the Humanitarian Mask“, as well as the Tundra Tabloids on a number of occasions.So now there is another incident which can be added to the growing list, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) has began a seminar in which a series of lectures will be given concerning Israel and Palestine, with first lecture already having taken place on the second of September. A Tundra Tabloids’ source who is well placed within the Norwegian academy says that this will most likely lead to another call for a boycott against Israel.”Israel-Palestinian conflict: What is research-based knowledge?”,

NTNU has a role to play in this conflict. The propaganda machinery of the parties involved has always been on top gear. “Facts” have been slain by the “facts”. It is difficult to create a consistent, well-grounded and coherent understanding of the field. Media will never be the forum for long thoughts and research-based tradeoffs. For a thorough review it is the universities that must take responsibility. This is a contribution from NTNU’s side. Torbjørn Digernes, Rector of NTNU How can this conflict be meaningfully interpreted if one is based on research-based knowledge? This is a question that Army and the axle itself to take its natural social responsibility through organizing a lecture series in fall semester 2009. The purpose of this lecture series is to allow for a broad scientific debate on the conflict in the Middle East. The Lecture series seeks to build a broad perspective on the conflict. The basic principle is to travel the question of how the conflict actors relate to human rights, international law and the Geneva Conventions for warfare. Then raise the question of the interaction between Israeli policy and U.S. foreign policy in which the hypothesis is that Israel’s policy does not serve U.S. interests. The third lecture focuses on how anti-Semitism can be used as legitimation for the state of Israeli politics. Ethnic cleansing can be seen as a condition for realizing the formation of the State of Israel. This is the theme for the fourth lecture. The fifth lecture discusses the Norway’s role in the conflict. Lecture Series concludes with a reflection on what future polities that can facilitate a solution to the conflict. Morten Levin, Rune Skarstein, Ann Rudinow Sætnan (Program Committee)

This is nothing more than inverted thinking. So is it any wonder that in spite of title, the lecture series will be featuring arch anti-Israel luminaries, such as habitual liars like, Moshe Zuckerman, Illan Pappe and Stephen Walt? All of these speakers have played a major role in the delegitmizing of the Jewish state in one way or another on the international stage.In spite of the fact that both Illan Pappe and Stephen Walt have been thoroughly debunked for their absurd claims, the Norwegians will be also giving a platform to Moshe Zuckerman. The latter is an “academic” who, when not busy trying to “de-Zionize” Jews, he’s spreading lies that Israel’s IDF killed 400 000 Palestinians in Operation Cast Lead. The man also is a staunch supporter of the ideological themes promoted at the Frankfurt School. The NTNU offers this flowerly bio of the professor who will be speaking in November: Professor Ilan Pappé is one of the world’s leading historians of the Middle East, with a distinctive view of Arab-Israeli relations. Among the publications relating to these themes are: Britain and the Arab- Israeli Conflict (1988), The Making of the Arab-Israeli Conflict (1992), The Modern History of Palestine: One Land Two Peoples (2003) and The Modern Middle East (2005).He is the fulcrum of a group of historians and political scientists at the Cornwall Campus working on 20th century ethnopolitics. He has published extensively on the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict and his experiences have resulted in some very incisive thought on what it is to be a historian and the methodology of historical enquiry.What nonsense. But all of this must be taken into consideration when mulling over the reasons, as to why these Norwegian academics at NTNU, find the pseudo scholarship that these guest speakers represent, to be so alluring. Perhaps it’s because their own deep seated ideologies that are rooted in Judeophobia, have caused them to turn a blind eye to the academic failures of these guest speakers?Or perhaps it’s because shoddy scholarship is all the rage these days in the Norwegian academy, since a great number of them have signed an open letter, that ludicrously calls the land the state of Israel is currently sitting on since 1948, ….as “occupied territory”:

Since 1948 the state of Israel has occupied Palestinian land and denied the Palestinians basic human rights. In December/January this year, Israel made a brutal attack on Gaza, resulting in immense human suffering. People all over the world were shocked by the attack, and it led to fierce protests. In addition to brutal military assaults Israel has during many years systematically expelled Palestinian inhabitants from Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza by the extension of settlements in occupied areas, building a wall, and constructing a road system to which Palestinians are denied access.”

These academics are in fact promoting the Hamas narrative to the Arab/Israel conflict, that all of Israel is occupied land, which makes them even a more radical voice than those Israel must contend with on a daily basis. The influence of the New Historians upon the academies across the globe couldn’t be any more clear. KGSHere’s more on it here: NTNU seminars on Middle East – based on research or bias?

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