Wild Weekend in Sweden: Firebombings and Burning Cars…….

Chaos in Uppsala

Sweden is dumbstruck

The Tundra Tabloids was in Malmö, Sweden, earlier this year, to see first hand one of Sweden’s more troublesome areas. The cultural tour of the 90% Muslim dominated city revealed a situation, a tinder box, that’s waiting to explode all over Europe if the tide of Muslim immigration is not reversed. It’s something of which the Swedish police in the city of Malmö have to face on a daily basis, and are totally fed up with it all, as the video taken in a Shell Station in an area called Rosengård inside the city of Malmö, clearly shows.

Changing of the Rosengaurd

The compounded problem here folks, is that the “unrest by youths” is not contained to just the Malmö region, but is spreading elsewhere in Sweden where these “youths” happen to call home. The following report in The Local has been updated, with a portion of the text changed.
Firebomb chaos in Uppsala

Authorities are convening a crisis meeting in Uppsala today after a wild weekend of firebombings and burning cars. On Saturday night in the suburb of Gottsunda, a number of cars were set alight, and a firebomb was thrown into a swimming centre, an officer of Upplands Police told news agency TT. It was the third night in a row of chaos, with youth gangs running rampant, according to a report in the Uppsala Nya Tidning.A number of local authorities and actors are convening at a hastily arranged crisis meeting on Monday morning to discuss the recent spate of gang violence that culminated in the wild weekend of fires in Gottsunda. Politicians are concerned about the rise of gang-related vandalism, but emphasise that the situation requires long-sighted efforts to address the problems.

Here is the portion of the text removed from the original report, but captured at Atlas Shrugs that included the following: “Local authorities appear to be pointing the finger at a small number of disaffected youths in the area as being responsible for the disturbances in recent days, although public explanations about the nature of the problems in Gottsanda have thus far been oblique.Perhaps “The Local” reads Atlas Shrugs and removed it because Pamela makes mention of the newspeak in play in the European media: Atlas: Speeken zee dhimmi? Dictionary tool:“Asians “in UK = Muslim”Youth”s in France (Sweden too) = Muslim”Immigrant” – The Netherlands = Muslim”Immigrant youth” in Denmark and France = Muslim”White”= not a color, a non-believer, an infidel, a kafir

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