Mo-toons Saudi Arabia

Saudi Descendants of Mad Prophet Want Apology From Mo-toon Publishing Danish Newspapers…….

Just when you think
they can’t possibly top themselves

more madness from Saudi Arabia!


There are actually people who want to claim
they’re descendants to this desert genocidal madman!

Just like there are Georgians proud of Joesph Stalin as a homeboy, “he was a murdering monster, but he was their murdering monster”, the Saudis pay homage to their own monster, but with a twist, they actually think his murderous acts were justified.

But really, what a joke.

These Saudis really believe that the Danish press should apologize for the mere fact that they were “offended”, by what they printed, nothing more, nothing less. It wan’t even a non-factual cartoon rendering of the desert madman, (if you’re one of those that believe that he actually existed), they pictured him pretty much true to form.

This is a joke of immense proportions, please everyone, have a laugh, and then have another one for good measure. KGS

Saudi demand on Mohammed cartoon

A firm of Saudi Arabian lawyers has demanded that Danish newspapers apologise for re-printing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.

A firm of Saudi lawyers, purportedly acting on behalf of descendants of the Prophet Mohammed, has demanded printed and multi-lingual apologies from Danish newspapers who re-printed cartoons of the Prophet, as well as undertakings that all Internet pictures of the caricatures be removed in perpetuity.

The demand from the Saudi Arabian legal firm of A.Z. Yamani, is contained in letters sent to about a dozen Danish editors-in-chief and gives the end of September as a deadline for compliance.

The A.Z. Yamani firm was founded by Sheikh Ahmed Zaki Yamani, Saudi Arabia’s former Oil Minister from 1962 and until 1986 when he was summarily dismissed. The letter in question was sent by his lawyer son Faisal Yamani.


The Danish Newspapers Association said at the weekend that it plans to contact the Danish foreign and justice ministries to discuss the issue after finding out exactly how many newspapers had received the letter in question.

Some Danish newspapers re-printed one of the controversial cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed as an illustration in connection with the police discovery of plans to murder Kurt Westergaard, a cartoonist who originally produced one of the caricatures.

Front page

Demands in the letter from the Yamani lawyers require newspapers who reproduced the cartoons to print an unconditional apology in Danish, Arabic, French and English for having offended alleged descendants of the Prophet Mohammed, as well as undertaking never again to reproduce similar drawings or material. The demand includes a requirement that a front page reference to the apology must also be made.

Newspaper AssociationThe Danish Newspaper Association says it doubts that newspapers will comply. »

Everything has to be looked into and it is clear that we will be speaking with the Justice and Foreign ministries in a case like this – but first of all we have to get an overview of the situation«, says Newspaper Association Chairman Ebbe Dahl.

But he adds that the Saudi legal firm’s demands are ‘clearly unacceptable’ and he is in no doubt that newspapers will stand fast. »

It’s completely natural that media use the core of the issue when something like this comes up«, says Dahl referring to the murder plans.

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