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Saudi Arabia: Muslim Suicide Bomber Blows Rectum in Bid to Murder Prince…….

A Butt Full of

Will you take take cream with that ?

Vlad Tepes asks the Tundra Tabloids to provide a photoshop for the following story, to which the TT happily obliges. The House of Saud plays a dangerous game of courting jihadis while saying that they are with the West in fighting them. Saudi Arabia should be placed on the list of terrorist sponsoring states, but that oil they sell lubricates the friction their citizens create.
Hard to imagine how they (the Saudis) can be serious about fighting the jihad when they’re helping to spread it (fundamental Islam) to the rest of the world, financed by our petrol dollars. It’s interesting to see however, when their own “brainwashed by Islam” protegees come a calling. KGS

RIYADH – The failed assassination attempt on Prince Muhammad Bin Naif, Assistant Minister of Interior for Security Affairs, Thursday night was planned by Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula which operates from Yemen, sources confirmed.

The suicide bomber was recruited by Yemeni Nasser Al-Wohaishi, known also by the nom de guerre Abu Baseer, the sources said.Al-Wohaishi is the head of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, which had announced in an Internet posting last January the merger of the Saudi and Yemeni branches of Al-Qaeda.
The merger was seen by analysts as an attempt to consolidate after the Saudi branch of Al-Qaeda was practically wiped out following a vigorous counter-terrorism campaign led by Prince Muhammad.
According to Okaz sources, the bomber who detonated himself only a meter away from the Prince was part of a terrorist cell formed to target oil installations and public figures.The sources said the bomber stayed in an apartment on Sari Street, northwest of Jeddah, Thursday.
He had slipped into the Kingdom from Mareb, east of Sana’a, Yemen’s Foreign Minister Abu-Bakr Al-Qirbi told The Associated Press.
“He was in Yemen,” said Al-Qirbi. “He claimed that he was going to hand himself over to Saudi authorities and make a statement to his followers to abandon Al-Qaeda principles.”
Okaz sources said the bomb was implanted in the attacker’s rectum, which could explain why he refused to drink coffee at the Prince’s Court.

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  1. Well, no surprise that a Saudi terrorist would choose its (not his) rear end as the perfect place to stuff with explosives. I just find it vomit-inducing that such scum would still, as hypocritically as they can, have the nerve to declare themselves proud homophobes and supporters of the death penalty for the "crime" of homosexuality; as though calling it "prison sex" instead of "gay sex", when they do it in the name of allah (the imaginary), somehow could classify their sexual activities with same-gender partners as something other than homosexual.

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