Iran Show trials

Iranian Show Trials…….

Brought to you from another era

Those protesters being tried by the Iranian state, are a mix of pro-freedom (meaning end to sharia and the Islamic state) demonstrators and others wanting to defend the corrupt Iranian system that’s being attacked by Mahmoud Ahmainejad’s faction. It’s a power play with a host of different parties protesting and defending for one reason or another.

It’s not a simple matter of “real reformists” like the Polish Solidarity movement that brought do the Polish government in the late 80’s. That said, the Iranian state apparatus is at work non-stop to pushing all those arrested through the same type of micky mouse/kangaroo court proceedings made famous under Soviet rule. Show trials. KGS

After Iran released “confessions” made by opposition political activists, the head of the minority Reformist bloc of parliament reacts by saying that the trial process has left everyone traumatized.

“The method used in the trials of those arrested in which they [the prisoners] do not have access to lawyers and neither the detainees nor their families are aware of the charges [they are facing] has left everyone in a state of shock,” Mohammad-Reza Tabesh, head of the minority Reformist faction in the Iranian parliament said on Saturday.

Saturday’s trial was held after nearly 3,000 people were arrested in Iran in the aftermath of the unrest that ensued Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s re-election with the June 12 vote.

With Iran witnessing massive opposition rallies staged by supporters of defeated presidential candidates Mir-Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi in the weeks following the vote, some protests turned violent, leaving at least 20 people dead and hundreds of others injured.

Later on, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution called for the administration of justice in the case of the country’s post-vote detainees.

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